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Galyna Kavka

Halyna Kavka - Shudan
As Founder and President of International Charitable Foundation "Glory to Ukraine", Halyna Kavka - Shudan is one of the a larger Ukrainian community in Cleveland. Her efforts to date have helped orphan, single parent families, ukraine war heroes.
Halyna Kavka - Shudan was born in Lviv Lviv Oblast in the early 1941s. She was a orphan child. Halyna’s Life as Hope. She has loving Aunt Julia, brother and sister. They were a rather poor family.

After graduating Medical Special School in Lviv, Galyna was able to combine her education in medical techniques and Children's Charities. She got married, had a family... Two kids Yaroslav and Volodymyr. The husband of Galyna, died, so she was left alone with her two sons. In 1989 she left Ukraine to settle in the Americas.

She find ways to engage with the Ukrainian community of Cleveland, including take part in Greek Catholic Church.

Halyna’s credo: God’s glory is the source. The wellspring from which all smaller glories run.

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